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Yom Kippur Meditation 9.14.13


Yom Kippur is a day of emptying -- of our faults, our year, our stories, our habits... our stomachs!  It is also often called "Shabbat Shabbaton", the pinnacle of Shabbat -- that time every week when we attempt to put aside the doing and focus on just being.  This year Yom Kippur falls on Shabbat, and these two most powerful days converge.

We invite you once again to join us on Yom Kippur afternoon for a meditation on the wisdom, power and energies of this singular day. 

Using mystical teachings, yoga, chanting and silence, we will examine concepts of at-one-ment, clearing, returning, planting new seeds and setting the tone and intention (kavannah) of your next chapter. 

This year the meditation will take place in a spacious studio on the Lower East Side, 2:00-4:00PM.

Afterwards we will walk to the Hudson River for a brief ceremony of cleansing and casting away -- Tashlick. 

Finally we are invited to Neila services -- the final and most powerful service of the day -- at LabShul, a newly forming experimental Jewish community evolving out of the Storahtelling project.

Please wear comfortable clothing and take shoes off upon entering.

When: Saturday Sept 14th, 2:00PM onwards
Where: Chrystie Street Ballet Academy, 55 Chrystie Street, Suite 308 (between Canal St. & Hester St.)
Cost: $15 -- please register in advance
Questions: Anna (917) 515-4429

Facebook for details 

Clear, Return, Renew