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RJen weekend retreat at Isabella Freedman Center, April 21-23, 2017

Dear friends of RJeneration,

It's been almost ten years since RJeneration came on the scene in NYC. Back then, we came together to explore our roots as Soviet Jews, to understand how that impacts who we are, and just to be together as a community. We gathered for shabbat dinners and happy hours, explored the holidays together, went hiking and on ski trips and came together in conversations with authors, rabbis, and amongst ourselves, to better understand our past and path ahead.

At this 10 year mark, we want to invite you to come together for a weekend retreat in the beautiful Berkshire mountains at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center. We've all grown a great deal over the past decade and are in many ways in quite different places then we were then, and so has the greater RSJ community grown as well.   

For this retreat we are creating a space, away from our day-to-day city lives and in the beauty of nature and absolute loveliness of Isabella Freedman, for us to come together, reflect on where we are today in our exploration of identity, Judaism and connection to community, and to consider what comes next, as individuals, families, and the RJen community. This will be an opportunity to reflect on what kind of community we seek today and think about whether RJen can be a way to manifest that going forward.

Isabella Freedman  is a Jewish retreat center that rests on 400 acres of forested land in southern Berkshires, with private and group cottages, gathering spaces and community spaces on the bank of a lake. If you've never been, you're in for a treat. It's a beautiful and very relaxing place, with great food, hikes in surrounding trails and great spaces to hang out, be together and chill. First and foremost, this will be a weekend to relax and enjoy each others company in the idyllic environment of Isabella Freedman.

Timing: Arrive on Friday April 21st from 3pm to 6pm. Leave Sunday April 23rd early afternoon. 

Logistics: The weekend is "all inclusive". Nice cabins, bedding, and all meals provided. There will be conversations, workshops for adults and some for kids, hikes, campfires, old friends...

Cost: We negotiated highly highly discounted rates and RJen is also subsidizing the weekend to make it easier. Couples are $400 for the weekend. Kids 5 and under free. Older kids $120 for the weekend.

How to register:

1. Paypal (As Friend) your total weekend fee to or email the same to arrange another type of $ transfer (Google Wallet/Venmo..)

2. Complete this mandatory intake form

3. Note Registration Deadline of Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

4. Note that this is an Invite Only event so please ask about inviting others