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RJeneration programs are devised to address the diverse needs and interests of our community. We strive to be inclusive of a wide spectrum of cultural, spiritual, and intellectual pursuits, such that all of our members find their own niche within RJeneration, connecting to the Russian Jewish community and theJewish community at large. 

The agenda for all programs is set forth by the core RJeneration Board of Directors, while the events are created and planned by dedicated members of the Programming Committee with the help and support of the board and the RJeneration Program Coordinator, who oversees the execution of the programming committee plans. 

There are seven primary program areas


Shabbat Dinner @Home

Every month, RJeneration members open their doors to the community for a personal and cozy celebration of Shabbat. Shabbat Dinner @Home is a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the week, to make new friends, enjoy delicious food, and be a part of an age-old Jewish tradition. 

Dinner can have as many (or as few) traditional elements as the host desires, and as many guests as the host pleases, whether it's 6 or 26. The host also decides if the dinner is catered or potluck, kosher or kosher-style. RJeneration lay leaders coordinate with the host to select the exact dinner format, help decide on food options, and provide any needed logistical help. Generally there are at least two host locations for attendees to choose from, in different parts of the city.



Social activities are a central draw for RJeneration members, where folks come to see old friends, meet new ones, and feel part of a greater whole. Incorporating our varied interests and shared love for NYC, we create unique events ranging from themed happy hours, poetry salons, dance lessons, theatrical and musical performances, and singles mixers… Our dynamic schedule brings old and new members to meet, mingle and bond. 

We strongly believe in empowering cultural self-expression among community members with events like an Open Mic Night of poetry and humor, “Filmik” a team movie game, and a Musical Bard Night.


Jewish Spirituality

For many Russian Jews, spirituality and Judaism occupy altogether different realms. Typically, having grown up with little exposure to either, we forge our own way. RJeneration’s Jewish Spirituality programs are designed to enable interested members to explore, grow, deepen, and integrate their spirituality with their Judaism.  Events include meditations, outdoor gatherings, discussions with spiritual leaders from different walks of life, and kitchen conversations over wine lasting late into the night.



Family and children are central to Jewish life.  Bringing up first generation Americans comes with responsibility, excitement, and trepidation.   Will our children speak Russian; will they inherit our immigrant drive; will they understand our cultural past and take pride in our future; will they get into the Ivy League of their choice; will they grow up to be giving members of society? RJeneration family programs are entertaining, rich in content, and designed for the whole family.  We focus on emerging and growing families by emphasizing the connection with Jewish values and tradition as well as the Russian language.  Often formed around Jewish holidays, programs are age-appropriate for children and informative yet relaxing for parents.  Events include music, food, hands-on workshops, knowledgeable speakers, and unique experiences. Previous events have included a brunch with live Russian children’s music, a back-to-school summer picnic, and a stroller scavenger hunt.


Arts & Letters 

Incorporating our heritage, interests, and trends in New York City life, RJeneration creates programs to deepen our member’s knowledge, erudition and cultural awareness. We aim to build a community of like-minded explorers through art and written word. Programs have included art history lectures, film screenings, private museum tours, book clubs, and story slams.



We explore and solidify individual and community identity by delving into issues facing Israel and the Middle East. RJeneration’s programs offer a connection with modern Israeli culture as well as its history.  As we grapple with Jewish life in diaspora, we find ourselves in an open discourse on who we are and where we are going. Events include lectures, debates, round tables, film screenings, parades, activism.


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